How to find a Twitter account’s ID

2 min readMar 11, 2023
How to find a Twitter account’s ID

Here at WingAzul, we make it extremely easy to find any Twitter account’s ID. But first, an introduction:

What exactly is a Twitter ID?

At inception, every Twitter account is given a permanent ID. You can change your username (the text that follows the @, for example WingAzulApp) but can never change your ID.

Why would I need to know it?

The most pressing reason would be for developers who are interested in using Twitter’s API. The API often needs an account’s ID for a variety of tasks, whether to retrieve information about an account like how many followers it has or to perform actions on behalf of an account such as following another user.

The other reason might seem obvious but is nevertheless valid: Sheer curiosity! Account IDs are unique and correspond to when the account was created, so earlier accounts have smaller account IDs, whereas later accounts have IDs with larger numbers. For instance, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey (@jack) has the lowest account ID at only 12, whereas our own account ID for @WingAzulApp is considerably larger at 1,620,106,366,080,716,814 (yikes!).

So how do I find a Twitter ID?

Super simple! Go to, type in the account username whose account ID you want, and then press Submit. That’s it — really! See the screenshot below for a detailed example:

Find @WingAzulApp’s Twitter ID

Here’s a video that we uploaded onto our YouTube channel walking users through each step:

Final Thoughts

As noted in the instructions at, the program works whether you use the ampersand (“@”) or not. Moreover, the function can not only convert an account handle into an ID but can go the other way, too: It can convert an account ID to its respective username. This is neat if you’re interested in seeing the handles behind account IDs 13, 14, 15, or even 10,000!

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